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  • Two kinds of years of different lengths are solar year and lunar year.
  • A solar year is the duration of time in which the earth makes one tour around the sun, which is 365.242 solar days.
  • Lunar year is the length of time it takes for the moon to make 12 rotations around the earth: this takes an average of 354.367 solar days.
  • Therefore, a solar year is 10.875 days longer than a lunar year.
  • Regarding the starting point of time, two types of calendars are being used: Hijri and Gregorian
  • The Gregorian one is supposed to have started with the birthday of the Prophet Îsâ ‘alaihis-salâm’. However, contrary to the common belief, it is written in Kozmoğrafya, by Hasîb Bey, that King Charles IX of France ordered in 970 [1563 A.D.] that the new year should start on 1 January. The Hijri calendar starts with the year when our Prophet ‘sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam’ migrated to the city of Medina.

Book : Seâdet-i Ebediyye Endless Bliss, Hakikat Kitabevi, Istanbul.